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Information Retrieval

example sentence: SugarBearAI, a california outfit, now has Apple as minority shareholder.

Therefore, we can surmise that whoever is the NSUBJ of a root-head node is the actual topic in question and deserves the highest relevance. If you are a contemporary technologists, then no doubt you have heard the term ‘Data Science’ (DS). Now, DS’ close relative ‘Machine Learning’ is never far from the mix in a conversation that utters those magical words. ‘Big Data’, ‘Data Analytics’, ‘Predictive Analytics’ are synonyms while its older version ‘Data Mining’ has gone the way of Microsoft 95.

Computational Rules & The Lexicon

Linguistics is the science of language as it relates to human cognition.

Metaphysical considerations on the properties of organic systems may seem far removed from the lower level details of language data, but the general idea is that the language faculty is ‘perfect’, has nearly exact properties that are recurrent and while not wholly describable by formal logic notation, better described by these systems than by statistical methods that try to mimic the process of predicting language competence.